5 Human Rights Quizzes To Check Your Knowledge

Curious to see how much you know about basic human rights, like when key declarations were signed or important figures? Whether it’s sponsored by NGOs like Amnesty International or written by someone who really knows their stuff, quizzes are a fun and informative way to check your knowledge. Here are five:

World Federation of United Nations Associations – 15 questions

Found on the website for the World Federation of United Nations Associations, a global nonprofit designed to strengthen the UN and its values, this 15-question quiz challenges your basic knowledge of the history of human rights. Questions include:

  • “When was the Human Rights Council established?”
  • “Who was the first chairperson of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights?”
  • “When and where was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted?”

RightsInfo – 8 questions

Launched in 2015, the RightsInfo site strives to produce engaging and creative human rights content like infographics, videos, and stories. They’ve won a handful of awards for their work and reach over 1 million every week. Their quiz, “How Much Do You Know About Your Human Rights?” features questions about the beginning of human rights as a global concept to ones about more recent, specific cases. When you answer a question, you also get a bit more information about the subject, whether you answered it correctly or not. Here some examples:

  • “What document is considered to be the first decree on human rights?”
  • “In 1996, the European Court of Human Rights made a landmark ruling against torture in Chahal v. the UK. What impact did their decision have in the UK?”

Human Rights Now – 15 questions

This site represents the home of the “Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: Now More Than Ever” campaign, which strives to bring human rights front and center in response to the AIDS crisis. The 15-question quiz tests your knowledge on HIV/AIDS, including drug info, discrimination, and more. When you answer a question, a big red or green screen pops up with an explanation and more information on the topic.

  • “How many countries in the world criminalize people because of their sexual orientation?”
  • “What percentage of HIV drugs being used in developing countries are generic?”
  • “How many countries have prosecuted people living with HIV for HIV non-disclosure, exposure or transmission?”

Education Quizzes – 10 questions

Intended for kids starting from grade 1 all the way through grade 12, this online collection of quizzes has one dedicated to the rights of children. It’s designed for kids in KS2, which includes kids 7-11 years old, so the questions are written for that age group. The quiz is a great way to introduce kids to human rights in an engaging, informative way.

  • “What is the name of the convention for children’s rights?”
  • “Which organisation set the standard for Human Rights around the world?”

Sporcle – Multiple quizzes

Sporcle is one of the web’s largest archives of interactive quizzes, and they have a large selection in their “human rights” tag, including a very challenging one based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights called “The 30 Human Rights Quiz,” that requires you to fill in blanks. For example, article 16 is the “right to ___?” This one can be frustrating because it requires exact wording, so if you were to type “marry” instead of “marriage,” the quiz won’t accept it. Here are some of the other quizzes you can find on Sporcle:

  • Books about Racism
  • The Civil Rights Era Match-Up
  • Countries Where Homosexuality is Illegal

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